What are the newest and the most ideal applications for LED lights?

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From Linear Tubes to Flat Panels, we have it all! Click below for a full list.

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No Hazardous Materials

LED light components do not contain hazardous materials (such as mercury or lead) unlike other lighting products. It is by far the safest method of lighting any room or building

Saves on Electricity

LED lights use up to 60% less electricity compared to conventional lighting products. Contact us to find out how much it can save you!

Long Product Lifetime

Replacing lighting equipment can add up to big expenses for materials and labor. LED lights can last up to 5 years! It significantly reduces cost of maintenance, in addition to saving you on electricity costs.

No Glares or Flickers

Conventional lights can cause glare on a day-to-day basis. It can also flicker as its product life comes to an end. Eliminate the annoyance of both with LED.

Color Variety

Lights are no longer only white and yellow. Contact us to find out the wide range of colors available. Make your company and products stand out with colors that best highlight their qualities.

Easy to Upgrade

Possibly the best part about LED is not the upgrade is easy! We have product available that will work with your current electrical set up. Contact us to find out more!