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LED lighting is improving cities one light at a time.┬áLED lighting is quickly becoming the lighting choice of the future. There are many reasons to prefer LED lighting over traditional high pressure sodium or mercury-vapor lamps. LED’s are energy efficient nature, their long lifespan, and their durability in rural and city landscapes.

LEDXpert products provide bright illumination along public roads, parking lots, walkways, corridors, interior and exterior of buildings. Our solutions reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs, energy-wasting light spillover and enhances security.

Energy Savings

LED lights are very efficient at turning electricity into visible light output. When compared to traditional incandescent and CFL lighting fixtures, LED lights are able to save approximately 44-55% more energy per luminaire.


Our LED Panel Assembly has a combination of a robust external design and a series of reliable LED diodes that is able to provide illumination for your building for years to come. LED lights are able to operate for up to 50,000 hours to minimize costs on replacements and maintenance. Standard CFL and incandescent lamps have a typical life span of 15,000 and 2,000 hours, respectively.


These LED panel luminaires we manufacture utilize a 100-277 VAC power supply found in many North American buildings and can be retrofitted into nearly all applications with ease. They are also compatible with various light dimmers to control the amount of output produced in each room. Easy to install and retrofit, these panels can be fitted to nearly any application.


Each LED Panel is built with using a high-quality aluminum body back and side with a shatter-resistant PVC lens in the front to protect the LEDs inside. We designed this LED panel to be easily retrofitted into any existing electrical connections for a fast and easy application.

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